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The Help Text in the app will walk you through the basic setup process if you don’t want to read this whole tutorial.

Step One: Give EverSmart access to Evernote.

#1: Give EverSmart access to Evernote.

Open EverSmart. Tap the “Allow Access to Evernote” button. Log in, then tap “Authorize” to allow EverSmart to access Evernote. You only have to do this once.

Step Two: Create a Favorite Note button.

Tap the “Link” button in the upper right corner. Choose the notebook which has the note you’d like to update. Select the note. Then tap on the icon you want to represent this note in EverSmart. Tap “Done.” You’ve now linked your Evernote note to EverSmart.

Step Three: Add a Smart Entry Button for your note.

Under “Favorite Notes,” tap the note you linked to in Step Two. On the next screen, tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right.

Close out the orange Help Text if it pops up, then tap the “Done” button in the upper right.

Step Four: Update your note.

Now every time you add an update to your note, just use the Smart Entry Button!

Tap the gray Smart Entry Button. (For now it’s tagged as “Label this entry button.” You can change that by following the next tutorial.)

On the next screen, enter the text you wish to add to the bottom of your note. Then tap the “Update Note” button in the upper right.

EverSmart will now update your note in the background! Once the status bar at the bottom reads “Note Updated” you can check out how it looks. Just tap the “View Note” button in the lower right.


If you are offline, EverSmart saves all your entries and updates Evernote the next time you have connection.

Got more questions? Check out more tutorials, the FAQ page, or the Forum.

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