What can I do with EverSmart?

What bits of info do you need to capture? Daily insights? Important milestones? To-do lists? Business contacts? Crazy ideas that strike at random? Get creative—it's automated!

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Capture All Your Ideas

Capture All Your Ideas

In the middle of the night, on an airplane, lounging at the beach—when a great idea strikes, catch it fast and send it straight to Evernote!
Lists <span class="spamp">&</span> More!

Lists & More!

Take quick notes, enter bookmarks, keep track of new social contacts. The power of Evernote, the convenience of EverSmart.
Log <span class="spamp">&</span> Relax

Log & Relax

When something important happens, trust EverSmart to log the event quickly. EverSmart can even add the date, a photo, labels, and more.