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What are Favorite Note Buttons?
Your notes live in the Evernote cloud, not on your device. Your “favorite buttons” are just shortcuts to these notes. The button displays the notebook, note name, and the date/time this note was last updated from this device.

If I delete a Favorite Note Button will it affect my note?
You can delete or recreate your favorites buttons at any time without affecting your notes.

Can I view a entire note in EverSmart?
Yes! Under “Favorite Notes,” tap the note you want to view. Then tap the “View Note” button in the lower right.

Why does it say “Pending” at the bottom?
That’s the Queue Status. It tells you what will be updated next from EverSmart. Tap the status text at the bottom center to see what is pending in the queue.

How do I rename notes and notebooks?
Rename notes and move notes via evernote.

I renamed a note/notebook, but it’s not showing the change in EverSmart.
Button labels will refresh the next time you view or update the note via EverSmart

I deleted a note in Evernote, but I can still see it in EverSmart.
Notes deleted via Evernote still exist. They just have a “Deleted” tag. That is why your EverSmart buttons can still find them. Tap “View Note” and you will see “In evernote trash” in the upper right.

Why is my note taking so long to upload?
EverSmart is built for speed. For best performance do not use EverSmart to update large notes with photos or attachments. Even text logs can get large. You can improve performance by archiving and starting fresh with an empty note.

How do I turn off help text?
You can turn them off in Settings > Show help.

How do I turn the help text back on?
Certain help popups only show 3 times. To show them again, flip “Show help” to off and then on.

How do I log out of the Forum?
In the far upper right corner of your screen, hover your mouse over “Howdy, [your name].” A drop down menu will appear with the option to log out.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Try the Quick Start Guide, search the Blog, browse the Forum or Contact us directly.