Step One: Add a Smart Entry Button.

Under “Favorite Notes,” tap the note you want. On the next screen, tap the plus sign (+) in the upper right.

Step Two: Label your Smart Entry Button.

Under “Entry Button Settings”, tap the box that says “Label this entry button” to create a label. To make this label show up in your note, tap “Hide” and select a color to display the note label.


If you’re capturing business ideas in the same note, you may want Entry Buttons labeled “Marketing Idea” and “Product Idea.” To easily distinguish them, choose a different color for each.

Step Three: Select update options.

Which items do you want to show in your update?

  1. To show a checkbox before your update, tap “Checkbox,” then “Unchecked” or “Checked.”
  2. To display a timestamp on each update, tap “Timestamp,” then tap whichever combination of date and time you need.
  3. Tap the User switch to show or hide the user.
  4. Tap the Location switch to show or hide a map of your current location.

Extra Convenience!

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out the Smart Entry Button presets! On the Entry Button Settings screen, tap “Presets” in the upper left. What would you like your button to do?

Step Four:  Configure the input field.

  1. Tap “Input” at the bottom, then type in a label.
  2. If you want this label to show in your update, select color.
  3. You may also choose to send this update to Twitter, Facebook, or both.
  4. To create a second or third input field, tap “Add Input Field” at the bottom.


If you’re recording homework assignments, you may want two input fields: one for the assignment, and one for the due date.

That’s it! Soon you’ll be thinking of new ways you can use EverSmart to capture important info. If you have any original ideas, let us know in the forum!

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