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    <br /><br />Durzy <a href=”http://www.charmsdisney.co.uk/”>disney pandora charms uk</a> stepped into the newly created role of VP and head of comms on July 31. He is reporting to Jacopo Lenzi, SVP at Samsung Next, the division of the South Korean tech conglomerate that focuses on product innovation. At Samsung Next, formerly the Samsung Global Innovation Center, Durzy is working closely with agency partner Text100 in the U. S. He is developing a strategic comms function designed to increase the awareness and reputation of Samsung Next as a driver of new technologies. “The opportunity at Samsung Next is fascinating and exciting in that it combines the opportunity to work with smart people on really interesting cutting-edge technologies for a division of a company that is woven into the fabric of everyday life, ” Durzy said. His last day at Pandora was July 28. The music-streaming service has not yet named a replacement for Durzy, said Stephanie Barnes, who was promoted to Pandora’s director of corporate communications in April. Barnes said there have been no other changes to the comms or marketing <a href=”http://www.charmsdisney.co.uk/”>disney pandora charms</a> teams at Pandora. To better understand how people are using their voice-activated smart speakers at home, Pandora commissioned Edison Research to analyze nearly 15, 000 queries across 444 Amazon and Google devices to see how they used them. Edison Research asked participants who had owned a device for at least a month to provide a full record of a week’s worth of interactions, revealing just how important music and other audio is to how people use the smart speaker. “A lot of marketers spend a lot of time thinking about what their visual identity is, but not a lot about what their sonic identity is, ” said Susan Panico, svp of strategic solutions at Pandora.<br /><br />In Q217, Pandora Media <a href=”http://www.charmsdisney.co.uk/”>pandora disney charms uk</a> decided to shift its primary focus to the ad-supported music business to grow its user base. With 76 million users as of Q217 and a limited number of direct competitors in the space, I believe this is a prudent strategy. Over the next two quarters Pandora will also enter into the programmatic advertising space, which should increase the value of its advertisements and serve as a tailwind to advertising revenue. The company has also secured an investment from Sirius XM which strengthens Pandora’s balance sheet and opens the door for partnership opportunities that I think can help Pandora both on free and paid tiers. Pandora’s premium subscription service is in the early innings with ample room for subscriber growth. The plethora of catalysts, short, medium and long term, make Pandora a Buy at this juncture in my opinion. Looking at insider trading can give great insight into how Pandora Media, Inc. is performing. Pandora Media, Inc. has had 22 insider trades in the last 3 months, including 12 open <a href=”http://www.charmsdisney.co.uk/”>disney pandora uk</a> market buys and 10 sells. Of those insider trades, 863, 670 shares of Pandora Media, Inc. were purchased and 78, 536 shares were sold. The total number of shares traded in the last 90-day period is 942, 206. Insider trading over the last 12 months, however, paints a different picture. In the last year there have been a total of 80 insider trades, including 23 open market buys and 57 sells. Of those transactions, there were 2. 16 million shares of P bought and 417, 537 shares sold. The total number of shares traded in the last 12 months is 2. 58 million. The most recent open market insider trade was Automatic Sell of 3, 000 shares on a day where the closing price was 9. 18. The insider, now holds 257, 921 shares of P.

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